I forgot to blog.

In the traditional style of the usual fire-and-forget methodology, I have completely forgotten about this blog. I only stumbled upon it again when I was messing with 529 Garage to get all my bikes registered in its huge database.

Anyway, a lot of things has happened since my last blog. I have learned to mess around with solar panels; I made a personal computer cloud; gas prices have started rising again; and I decided to take up cycling again but with electronic assistance because I’m older and lazier. I can’t wait to post pics of my ventures (else they didn’t happen).

Social media-wise, I laid off FB for less politics and went more into Insta because I am not strong in writing skills and pictures speak a thousand words.

This is Josh, signing in on May 20 2022.

This month’s gasoline spending

How much have I spent on gasoline last month?

$0. WhatsApp Image 2019-10-15 at 5.32.09 AM(Pictured is my ONLY gas spending for September, because I have to drive to and around Burnaby that day).

That’s right–I have moved on to cycling. This season I resolved to be as frugal as I can be, cooking at home and cycling.

Cycling hasn’t been the most convenient alternative. It takes more preparations and planning to do longer trips. Motorists won’t always be gracious enough, and a few may even heckle for no reason (happens more often than one thinks, by the way). And then there’s the weather factor.

Rainy days mean soaked shoes and socks, as I am of a taller build and my “long” rain pants is only long enough to cover down to my ankles, therefore routing all the water right into my heels. I have yet to find a good sized pair of boots. And if rain gets heavy, I may have difficulty breathing through all that water.

And then, recently, my bicycle is stolen, just like that. 20170928_134614 (edit).jpgKarakoram GT, frame number CM14A526577, if you want to search for it 😀  (UPDATE 2021: Maple Ridge Police Department randomly found it and I got it back. Thanks, Maple Ridge Police!)

However, all the hassles aside, I am hoping that it will be beneficial, not only for better physical (and mental) health, but also for the health of the environment. And in this environment of indifference, if I can make it even a fraction of a degree healthier to improve the life of just one individual, that will be worth it.

Saving the world, one ride at a time.

Internet Marketing for free!

We live in the era where ads and spam are abundant. On the bright side, though, so is social media, which means that I can post anything anywhere on the internet. I’m planning to make full advantage from this by publicizing my music career. I will start by compiling a list of what I call my “userness”, or collection of accounts (social media, email, seller, vendor, game, etc.) and making a good-looking website to put them into. Check out JRTTS.com. Being a home-based server, it might not work at full capacity, but I’m proud of how far it’s come up!

website jrtts (2)